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Build a superior
supply chain

Powerful, transparent, and accurate logistics solution

We have already achieved some great results

  • Top five beer company in the world
  • Extensive supply chain
  • 80% 3PL transport
  • Lack of transparency between Carlsberg, contractors, and retailers
  • Improve partner experience and the OTIF metric

Combine all information about the movement of supplies into a single system that’s accessible to every department and external partner

  • 98%
    fully tracked deliveries
  • 30%
    less time visiting warehouses
  • Top two CPG manufacturer in the world
  • 4,000 trips under project
  • Delivery from production facilities and WHs to DCs of retail chains
  • Increase fleet efficiency, with improved turnover of trips and reduced downtime
  • Improve communication with an extensive partner network

Implement the monitoring service to increase transparency for all parties

  • 90%
    fully tracked deliveries
  • 10%
    reduction in administrative costs

What are your challenges?

How RouteQ can help your FMCG business?

  • Builds better experience for partners


    accuracy in scheduled deliveries

    Fulfill your delivery promises by providing "On Time In Full" delivery SLA

    • Our solution provides a highly accurate ETA due to our traffic forecasting software, ensuring timely arrival of vehicles for loading and unloading

    • See a real-time status of every order

  • Shows birds-eye view on logistics


    transparency on current status and location of a vehicle

    Ensure better decision-making with transparent logistics systems at every level, from customer service to top managers

    • Our Track & Trace solution enables real-time fleet tracking to proactively manage resources throughout the supply chain

    • Intuitive analytics dashboards help you monitor your KPIs

  • Increases efficiency of logistics processes


    increased fleet productivity

    Planning delivery routes with RouteQ considerably reduces the time and cost it usually takes, leaving you free to more effectively allocate resources to more important tasks

    • Fleet productivity increases by reducing fleet size, reducing mileage, better using the vehicles, and putting more stops into one route

    • The logistics process gets streamlined, fully automating dispatch and routing processes, even integrating with new partners’ points of sale

  • Wins partner loyalty


    source of truth for all partners

    Enhance communications with retail and delivery partners and build long-lasting relationships, see fewer disputes, and enjoy more collaboration

    • RouteQ provides a trusted, unified source of real-time, accurate data

    • Every participant in the delivery process can see the status of any delivery

  • Improves internal procedures


    reduced visit time for vehicles in warehouses

    Synchronize all your logistics processes to multiply the impact of streamlined, transparent operations

    • Vehicle loading/unloading takes less time with proactive warehouse preparation

    • Customer service is enhanced with real-time information

    • Routing for sales reps and merchandisers right after deliveries helps grow sale volumes

Cutting-edge technology to reach your goals

RouteQ solutions with broad functionality are backed
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